Thea Schnering

Your coach for Singing, Speaking and Body Language

Your body and voice communicate what you think and feel. We are all unique.  Our voice is also unique. In my training you will learn how to express yourself authetically, easily and clearly. Our common goal is to find access to your personal source of power, even in situations of pressure, stress or fear. 

Your personality will come to the fore and your presence will create impact. Free yourself from limiting thoughts, accept your physiological conditions and practise actively working with them. 




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…with a voice that makes everyone sit up and listen!

Do you want to discover what your voice can do?
The voice is your personal instrument - the body is your resonance chamber.
A well-sounding voice follows the natural law of body resonance.
Through learning the harmony of the interplay of breath, vocal tone and body tension you will be able to

  • speak effectively
  • articulate clearly
  • speak fluently
  • be heard and understood
  • make good use of pauses in speaking, breathing and thinking
  • finding and speaking with the right pitch 
  • using stage fright as a source of strength
  • speak calmly and comprehensibly with calm breath.

All this is possible and much more! Choose what you want to develop further and what you want to work on.
I can provide you with the appropriate tools for your personal goal and the know-how to use them effectively.
Often it only takes a small change to make a big impact.


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With body and soul 

Have you always wanted to sing? You don't need any previous knowledge or experience other than the desire to sing! Everything else is discovered step by step: listening, finding sound, breathing, sounding, singing words. Singing relaxes and lifts the spirits. Deep breathing circulates more oxygen in the blood and strengthens the immune system. It promotes general well-being.

Everyone can sing! Every voice has its own beauty and is unique. Discover the beauty of your personal voice.

Whether you want to sing on stage or simply for yourself under the shower, you will find your very own personal form of expression. With a voice that goes straight to the heart!

In singing lessons, you will learn voice training, intonation and breathing in resonance with your own body. The results include:

  • A clear, precise and comprehensive singing technique 
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Increase breathing volume  
  • Natural breathing technique 
  • Stage presence
  • Secure intonation
  • Protecting the vocal chords

Coaching and training to prepare for a performance at a party or for an audition are also possible at short notice.


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"Make an impression with expression“

To make a positive, strong effect you need an authentic presence with body as well as your voice. Both on the business stage with team meetings, presentations, negotiations and also on the everyday stage at private meetings with family, friends or partners you need presence.
With a strong presence, you appear confident, authentic, create trust and gain the attention of your audience for the content of your message.
With presence you can present yourself effectively, leave a positive impression, move people and make a big impact. 

Our bodies and voices let us see and hear what we think and feel, how we relate to ourselves and those around us. It is the breath which connects the body with the voice.

Due to stress or high expectations, our message may be conveyed differently than intended. Negative thoughts, fear and stage fright prevent us from drawing from the full and our potential cannot unfold. Would you like to leave this behind…?  Do you wish for:

  • an effective performance
  • good contact with the audience, the team, in meetings, in conversations
  • a self-confident appearance
  • to be perceived positively
  • to use your voice and body language effectively 
  • to convince with appreciative communication
  • present yourself confidently and authentically
  • reach and engage people with your message?


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Via 1:1 voice lessons or in groups of 2-10 people you will gain the confidence you need to build a strengthening, trusting relationship with your voice.
Choose what you want to work on - or find out what you can and want to do with your voice!

You will receive the appropriate tools for your personal goal and the necessary know-how. Your learning process is based on proven methods for:

  • Voice training 
  • Breathing technique for speaking and singing
  • Speaking and singing technique 
  • Presence for the theatre, business and everyday stage
  • Appreciative communication 
  • Personalities 

This comprehensive, foundational coaching and training is and proven to succeed with: spoken word, public speaking (with and without microphone) and for all styles of music such as classical, chanson, musical, jazz, gospel.

With sensitivity and my fine antennae I’ll support you in discovering your potential and using your source of strength. You will be challenged and encouraged. Experience how your personality unfolds with your voice and comes into its own. 

About me

"Just give a try, it might even work!"

This attitude has opened many doors for me resulting in numerous experiences in a wide variety of situations. All of them have to do with people: theatre, concerts, coaching and training.

Since 1995 I have been teaching singing, speaking, breathing and coaching for presence, voice and body language. My forty years of experience on international stages as an actress and singer form the foundation for my seminars and workshops.

I work with people of all ages who are interested in developing their own personal voice, from the fields of education, science, business and the arts, with or without previous training.

As a child I was shy, yet through the adventure of performing I found a journey of discovery to myself. The magic of the stage brought out my hidden inner life and in role play I found a door to release hidden emotions. This experience awakened my curiosity for different personalities and finding the essence in people.

Whether as a singer, actress or coach, I am interested in finding the essential, discovering one's own potential, appreciating and promoting uniqueness.



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"Thea is a treasure. I think she can work well with everyone. She is very empathetic and fully responds to the person she is teaching. I have no singing experience at all, but always have a great desire to sing along out loud. She also taught me some breathing exercises and basics in a very simple way. I had a relatively big private performance and she helped me have a lot of fun with it, thanks again."                                                   Clarissa


"That was a fantastic workshop - thank you very much!!! I was led out of everyday life and back to myself in a particularly pleasant way. All the exercises were fun and an intimacy developed very quickly in the group for which you would otherwise need much more time. Now, back in everyday life, some of the exercises still resonate and I am more with myself, with my breath and speak more consciously. I'm happy if you can offer a continuation and time permitting, I'll definitely be there."                                       
Anita Zebrowski, Leipzig


"I found the course very good. Above all, the openness of the other participants took away my shyness and I was able to engage well with all the exercises. Until the seminar, the topics of voice and breath were simply things that were there and were used. It was only during the course that I realised what potential there was in terms of possibilities and special features. Loud, soft, fast, slow, gestures and facial expressions all came into play and there was plenty of room to try things out and see what happens. The seminar made me want to do more!
Luise Alder, Leipzig

"I - and, I am sure I may say, all the other participants - thoroughly enjoyed Thea Schnering's Voice workshop at the Academy for Creativity Education. The lecturer created a pleasant atmosphere in which the participants could quickly get involved with the new experiences and the group as such. The programme included simple relaxation and voice exercises that each individual can practise at home, as well as partner exercises that familiarised the participants with the topic of voice and voice effect. Last but not least, there was also singing and dancing.
It quickly became clear that speaking is a process that requires the whole body. Thea Schnering was convincing with her competence and made people want more with her humorous and appreciative manner. Speaking, as well as the training of language, can be pleasurable, that you just have to experience to get to know it."
Marko Wolf, Munich

“I really enjoy working with Thea! Her warm and friendly welcome made me feel relaxed and even though I am a complete beginner, her professional skills gave me great guidance. I could hear a vast improvement in my voice and understand a lot more about my breathing after just the first lesson. We continue to work together, and I have great fun in each lesson. Thea has skills in breathing, singing, voice training and also life coaching….to name just a few. This combination helps a student to overcome the wide range of issues both physical and psychological, boosting both technique and confidence and she makes it all seem so easy. I highly recommend you try these lessons, you will discover so much about yourself and enjoy a new way of being in the world with your head held high.”

Elisabeth, Berlin


"Ms Schnering is characterised by both her great expertise and her ability to accompany people professionally in their development process and at the same time to support and promote their abilities. Thanks to her sympathetic way of dealing with people, she can easily convey content both theoretically and practically in a playful way. This is also confirmed by the feedback from the participants of the seminars. We appreciate the previous cooperation with Ms Thea Schnering and enjoy working with her very much."
Dr Monika Rummler, Deputy Head of ZEWK TU Berlin

"Ms. Schnering's great expertise as well as her ability to challenge people by showing them playful ways to overcome limits is something the Academy places a lot of emphasis on in the process of developing creative educators. We wouldn't want to miss her in our team of lecturers."
Sabine Lenkeit, Managing Director, Academy for Creative Education Leipzig

"I also had the pleasure of experiencing Thea Schnering as a teacher and coach, which made a lasting impression on me. Not only does she have comprehensive theoretical and practical expertise, she is also able to convey it as if playfully and obviously adapt effortlessly to different pupils or student personalities, even in the quickest of changes. Thea Schnering gives them orientation and an approach for a multifaceted examination of themes, persons and constellations beyond the new lessons or coaching."
Frank Alva Bücheler, theatre director, author, university lecturer, migration expert


"I was lucky enough to have been on tour with Thea for several weeks. During this time she led a warm up for voice and body before the performances.
By the end of our tour, I had a whole new awareness of my voice and speech. With Thea's body exercises, some of which also come from Chigong, I was able to get to a deep breath and my source of strength very quickly and easily. I also found it very special that Thea combined both speech exercises and singing exercises. This opened up completely new possibilities for me to express myself vocally during the performance. I was able to perceive the moods in the scenes better and reproduce them much more finely, so that I was completely surprised by my own new sounds. A very special experience and I am sure that I will continue to do these exercises. They are a treasure I can always fall back on. Thank you dearest Thea!!!!
Clara Schöller, actress, Berlin

"My thanks, or rather our thanks, to Thea, who gave a fantastic class!"                 
 Camera Acting Group 

"I am happy to participate again. The event `Musical Acting` a fortnight ago was very demanding, didactically well prepared. There were good instructions that can be implemented in the practical work with the child."
Teacher, Neubrandenburg

"Through the individual training, Ms Schnering was able to respond to me personally and I was able to learn a lot from the seminar! It was a lot of fun and the contents were very helpful for practice."
Institut für Managementberatung, Frankfurt

"Optimal for a one-day seminar!"
Institute for Management Consulting, Frankfurt

The focus was on Thea Schnering as 'Eliza', who soon sang and played her way into the hearts of the audience. Whether she marched up and down as a flower girl, berlining as she did so, or whether she still seemed rather awkward as a fine lady - Eliza's still childlike naivety, which she embodied, won the audience over.Particularly impressive was her mastery of all vocal registers. From the snarling, brash Berlin jargon to the defiant howl to the clear soprano, Thea Schnering convinced her audience.

The demanding role of 'Edith Piaf' was intuitively rendered by Thea Schnering, actress and musical singer from the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. Among others, the well-known chansons "Milord" or "Je ne regrette rien" and "Sous le ciel de Paris" were very well received by the audience, whereby the singer excellently succeeded in balancing the hard, sometimes coarse-sounding passages with the soft, poetic moments, as Piaf handled it: "... mais, vous pleurez, milord, ca je n'aurais jamais cru ...".
Bieler Tagblatt 

Maria Hubert (Thea Schnering) gospels like a Swabian Whoopi Goldberg.
Zurich Culture 

Chambermaid Maria (witty: Thea Schnering). Schnering received a special applause when in her "monologue", in which she could not speak a clear word in a feigned fit of laughter, she nevertheless made the text content understandable to the audience. A great solo!                                                                                    Rheinische Zeitung 

On stage are enthusiastic actors and perfect musicians. When Thea Schnering sings Tina Turner's "What's Love got to do with it" and skillfully juggles three apples in a lascivious manner, ... the audience goes wild.
Bonner Anzeiger

Thea Schnering skilfully provides erotic and humorous moments as the rock singer Marion.

Sanni Luis and Thea Schnering are excellent singers who gave The Evergreens something new, something of their own; together with "The Three" from the petrol station, they performed some skilful and snappy tap numbers.
Offenburger Tagblatt 

The capricious and yet true-to-life 'Edith von Turkow' was tailor-made for Thea Schnering.                                   Bünder Zeitung 


enterprises institutes

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  • Institut für Managementberatung, Potsdam
  • International Motivation Training, Berlin
  • DFV -Mentoring, Berlin
  • Technischen Universität, Berlin
  • Akademie für Kreativitätspädagogik, Leipzig
  • KreativitätsSchulzentrum, Berlin
  • TAW, Telekom in Bonn
  • Bergmann Unternehmensberatung, Berlin
  • ARTURO Schauspielschule, Köln
  • Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Schweiz
  • proPHYSIOnel, Berlin
  • Staatstheater Karlsruhe
  • Staatsoperette Dresden
  • Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück
  • Komödie am Bayerischen Hof, München
  • Renaissancetheater Berlin
  • Theater Bremerhaven u.v.a
  • Compagnia Teatro Dimitri, Schweiz
  • Tournee: Schweiz, Italien, Frankreich, Holland, Ungarn


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  • University of Constance
    Literature and Linguistics, Constance
  • University of the Arts
    Theatre Education, theatre workshops in schools, Art & Photography, Berlin
  • Accademia Teatro Dimitri  Pantomime, Acrobatics, Dance, Music & Theatre Improvisation, Swizzerland
  • Vocal School Maria Baldauf
    Belcanto, Dynamic Singing, Zurich CH
  • Musicalstudio München
    Musicals, Dance & Singing, Munich
  • Paul Riedy
    Acting studies, Stuttgart
  • International Motivation Training Coaching Modules, Berlin
  • DFV Mentoring 
    Supervision and Coaching Modules, Berlin 
  • International Voice
    Speaker, Berlin
  • Shaolin Temple 
    QiGong / Taichi, Berlin
  • Roy Heart Theatre 
    The Voice, France 
  • Aikido


Your voice is unique. How you speak communicates to others how you feel, what you think and feel. That's why it is especially valuable for your personal well-being if you take time for your own voice. 

My offers:

  • Voucher 1
    1 trial lesson of 60 minutes    40€ 
  • Voucher  2
     2 trial lessons à 60 minutes  70€
  • Voucher  3
    3 trial lessons à 60 minutes 100€ 

The VOICEvoucher is also an individual gift for birthdays or other occasions.

Shall we make an appointment?

I would be happy to speak with you, give you more information about my work and make you an individual offer. This first consultation is free.

Coaching and training take place 1:1 or in groups of 2-10 People.

All formats are possible, meeting personally or online at the location of your choice: on stage, in a meeting room or in my studio in Berlin Charlottenburg.


Thea Schnering
mail: [email protected]
phone: +49 (0) 178 2111 000